Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something I Do during Weekends?

Weekends are when I try to cram my weeks' household chores - ironing, cooking, keeping the house in order and driving my daughter to piano class. Two weekends in a month will be reserved for visitng my mom and my in-laws. These are routine. The not so routine ones are fulfilling wedding invitations or other kinds of invitations with the occassional impromptu sightseeing. Haven't done this in a while. Not to mention Crafting when the mood is perfect. Refer to lszalil.
Today, my family and I fulfilled a wedding invitation from an office client of mine. He's a regular face at my office doing research work for an upcoming project. Today's theme is 9. Something you do most weekends: Do you sleep? Eat? Play? Party? Snap it.
These are photos taken around the wedding ceremony for the Groom's side.

The dias

The Wedding Cake

The Decorative Bouquet

The Bride and Groom walking down the aisle
How beautiful they look seated on the dias

The reception table for the Newly-weds and selected guests

The kompang group - a must for every Malay wedding

The Emcee - a man of many talents

Some of the delicious array of food

Door gifts for guests

The Groom's family menbers

The groom's friends and the two gentleman form part of the trio who are regulars at my office


  1. Interesting the similarities of wedding ceremonies around the world, but mainly the happy couple united :^)

  2. Last week I had 5 wedding invitations but could only attend 4 of them. It's weird seeing people my age starting to get married.