Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am a Horse-track Mum

Today is Zahra's 2nd dressage Competition in the Prepotary 1 Category. Whenever this event took place, I'll be waiting by the paddock watching her and the other participants riding their respective horses (usually selected by their trainers). Zahra' was given Diabolo to ride. He looks strong and handsome but we were not sure of his temperament. Since Zahra' was pre-occupied with her other school activities, she had only half-an-hour of Dressage training on the Friday with Diabolo. The rest of the steps she simply memorised and tried to remember as much as she could from her previous entry.

Last minute tips from her instructor Nagine.

Last minute practice before entering the ring

Introducing herself to the judges before starting the Dressage Competition

A confident rider

With proud dad after the competition

Diabolo's beautiful tail

The final Results - Zahra' improved herself from her previous competition

With her school-mate, Madiha, and their respective dads

She won 2nd place for her category and the Ribbon was presented to her by one of the judges, Natasha Ibrahim

Proudly displaying her Ribbon

With Madiha and their School's Convenor, Pn Laili Ismail

With her current Trainer, Nagine from Iran

With Lorraine, the Equestrian Member of The Royal Selangor Polo Club

While participants are nervously displaying their skills to the judges, this family is exercising their horses on the track. This is the main morning activity at the Club where the horses are exercised


  1. Wow, congratulations to your daughter and your family! I can see why you are so proud :^) Wonderful series of images, beautiful setting, and yes, the horses are impressive!

  2. Congratulations, Zahra'!!. So proud of you, girl. Oh Lili, such happy day :). Beautiful photos here and Zahra' has grown into a beautiful young lady :). She is a gorgeous rider too!. TFS. Hugs.