Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Island Hopping

This collage is created for Art-piaskownica and the theme is Summer Holiday. Not that we have Summer in the true sense of the word, we still enjoy our breakaways occasionally.

Malaysia is blessed with an Equatorial climate where we have all year-round 'summer' interspersed with rainy months or weeks. Since we have no specific summertime, we still have weekend getaways or weekday getaways.

This collage is of us going to Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) during the weekday when the number of visitors is not at its highest. We went on Thursday and left the island on Saturday morning in time for the weekenders to arrive.

Pangkor Island is one of the well-known Fishing villages where majority of the island's population strive on fishing as their livelihood. There are activities one can engaged while in Pangkor Island. Snorkelling. These photos show my family and and I and other families getting ready to snorkel. We were lucky because that particular morning the water was calm and very clear. We could see the fish clearly and play with them. My first attempt at Snorkelling and I really enjoyed it very much.
Another activity is Island hopping but there is not many islands to boast of that one can really appreciate. If you enjoy the historical sites, rent a car and drive around the Island. It took us 6 hours to complete the tour of the island. Eating. Nothing beats filling your stomach especially with fresh fish, prawns, and others, out of the sea. One has to be smart to find the eateries that will not make you poorer so quickly. Better to scout around or ask your Hotel for pointers. Better still, ask other visitors who are there while you are staying at the Island. We scout around and my husband will do the price comparison for better value and really good to eat. Even though we are Malaysians, to the islanders we are outsiders with plenty of money to boot. It doesn't really matter whether we are travelling on a shoe string. Last but not least, Swimming. Check your swimming time if you want to swim in the sea. The waters can rise very quickly and the tides can be rough, too. Always check and swim within the allowable limits.

Here is the Collage of our 'Summer' getaway.

1. One of the Islands that look like a Whale from a distance
2. The many beach wears one can buy. Negotiate
3. The deep blue sea from our drive around the island
4. My family and I getting ready to snorkel
5. Boatloads of enthusiastic snorkellers
6. Boat ride to view the different island and to our snorkelling destination


Lili Sulastri

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kollaasi #87 (29/2017)

Here is my take for the challenge at kollaasi-87-292017.

Based on the colour scheme, I chose these photos that best fits.

These photos were taken at various locations and at different times. 

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Lili Sulastri