Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cityscape #3

The office workload saw me fatiqued at the end of the day. Since we are anticipating our Regional Advisor on Wednesday, Oct 16, we are kept on our toes to clear up our area. As a result, couldn't even gather enough strength to on the PC at home.
Trying my best tonite while the going gets tough. Hee...hee....
This is my first photo of the Ovals - an opulent apartment financed by Kuwait finance. Didn't get around to study the building much. Not yet. It sure does look maginifient though. This was taken from the park on my way back to office after running an errand.
The Oval - Residential Units

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cityscape #2

What was once a race course is now completely consumed by monstrous buildings. Now is no longer the race of getting the horse to the finishing line - but it's more of a race producing the tallest building. It is the war of heights. I suppose, I can just stand at the car park of my office and capture the numerous buildings at a 360 degree turn. Here's another building, the Troika surrounded by other tall buildings taken one evening (at 7:32 pm) while waiting for hubby to fetch me.

Location: Kuala Lumpur City Center

Friday, October 4, 2013

Cityscape #1

I was inspired by Duncan's Kuantan Skies photographic series. As a result, I decided to portray 30 of Kuala Lumpur's changing skyline.
I am going to start the series with the most photographed building, that is the Petronas Twin Towers. I had the opportunity to see this 'monster' being built from ground breaking to completion. My only regret was that I never had a camera then to capture the historical moments of the construction.
This photo was taken during my second Sunday morning walk around KLCC park. Working in the vicinity of this building, I have a huge collection of these towers. I know, until I retire, I'll never tire taking pictures of the Twin Towers.