Monday, October 27, 2014

Falling Leaves

At free-works a Photo Contest on "Autumn whispers is on. The theme is Autumn Noises.The contest banner is as shown below.

 Quite tough when there is no autumn here in Malaysia. Somehow we do have the colour change in the leaves of some deciduous trees and here is one example. Not much visible change at the time this photo was taken. This is the best I could get.

Two times a year the leaves of these trees will change colour giving the feel of autumn
before shedding them to make way for new leaves.
Location: KLCC Main Road

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 43 - Transport

Once upon a time, these beautiful animals were used as a mode of transport. Now they are being used for leisurely rides, sports, or for shows. I took this picture while waiting for my daughter who was participating for her Dressage competition. This jockey was actually giving the horses their routine morning run. I ove taking oictures of these beautiful animals whenever I can. Here's for Our Beautiful World.

Morning has begun
These horses needed their run
The jockey is having fun
While waiting for the sun


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 41 ~ Eggs at Our Beautiful World

This week's prompt at Our--beautiful--world is Egg. For this prompt I am showcasing how eggs are being used as gifts or giveaways to guests. Malay weddings can be extremely elaborate and extravagant. Among them are hard-boiled eggs which are to be given to guests as a token of appreciation. These eggs are usually wrapped in nets and attached to bamboo sticks which are beautifully decorated. This photo is of a bouquet of eggs ready to be given away.
Bunga Telur or Flower Egg


Lili Sulastri

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Week 40 ~ Bloom

This week's prompt is close to every woman's heart. For the past week, walking towards Suria KLCC for lunch, we are welcomed by these beautiful purple blooms. I have yet to find out the name of this tree. There a couple of these trees being planted all along the pathway in from of the Convention Centre. So beautiful to look at. I am sharing these photos with Our--beautiful--world readers. TFL.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Theme Green at Our Beautiful World

Green has always been a favourite colour of mine lately. These photos were taken during the recent Main sports Day of my daughter's school, March 1, 2014. at Mini Stadium, Bukit Jalil. My focus is on the green house, or Hunain, as they are called as well as the uniformed group. For Our-beautiful-world this week, I am sharing these photos of the students from the Green House.
Mohd Anas


The KRS Uniform Group

Opening Performance by the Hunaians

Hunain Banner

The Hunaian girls giving their team moral support

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I have always wanted to shoot a photo of a galloping horse. My opportunity came on Sunday, Feb 16, 2014. Zahra' has completed her riding and we were waiting for her father to fetch us. While waiting, I saw this beautiful white horse galloping around the paddock. Not to miss the chance, I started snapping away. At the end of the exercise, I asked the young boys who were training him, the horse's name. First time I hear a horse with a local name - RAIHAN.
Here are some of the photos of Raihan.

He was a little curious when he saw me pointing the camera
at him. He slowed down and stopped galloping

He changed direction

Close-up of Raihan

The girls just couldn't resist stroking him. This is Zahra' and her friend, Intan

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 34 - Celebration

These photos were taken during my husband's nephew's wedding at Kulim, Kedah on 31st Jan., 2013. It was really a day of rejoice and celebration.

Aizat and Salwa

Salwa and her father

Salwa and my daughter, Zahra'

After the Marital vows were exchanged

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Beautiful World Week 33 - Derelict

Every time we drove to Tanjung Malim for breakfast (when we visit my in-laws), I love to see this mansion. I imagined that in it's heydays, it must have been the most beautiful mansion housing fine porcelain, teak furniture, well-dressed madams, and maids running around when summoned. Better still, there could have been parties, dinners and many many celebrations to boot. Only the wealthy Chinese traders or British planters could have owned this mansion. Or it could have housed the Principal of the "Maktab Perguruan Sultan Idris" (Sultan Idris Teacher's Training College) then. Today, it stood abandoned with nothing but memories hidden behind those walls and waiting to be closed down for good.
This photo was taken in 2012 and it is very much treasured. Should the building be demolished, at least I have something to remember me by and I am sharing this for Week 33 challenge.
Mansion at Tanjung Malim

PS: This photo was featured for the week at our Beautiful world:
Thanks for linking up with us last week, we had some wonderful interpretation of the word "derelict".
Ros would like to showcase this one from Lili Sulastri, she lives in Malaysia. Awesome!!!!