Sunday, August 7, 2016

OBW 159 ~ Outdoor Activity

It is Outdoor activity at Our Beautiful World obw-159-outdoor-activity. I was lucky to be on a weekend trip to Langkawi Island with hubby, the Child and her friends. Basically, we had an enjoyable time. The highlight of the vacation was a boat ride to Payar Island which is a Marine Park.
I didn't swim but merely take photos of the children.

Please enjoy the fun.

Taking pictures of the tiny Crab


Marina at Kuah, Langkawi. The island is the infamous Dayang Bunting
(or Pregnant Lady) Island

Swimming, snorkelling and Feeding the Fishes

probably a little briefing by the Chlid's friend

Photo Shoot

Time for Selfie

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

OBW 158 ~ Window

The theme for this week is Window at obw-158-window.

The photo below is the window of a mosque near Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. We stopped to perform our Maghrib-Isya' prayers on our way back home from Melaka. Well, we had to take a detour on that day because it was the end of a week long Eid holiday. There was a massive traffic jam both at the Alor Gajah - Kuala Lumpur highway as well as the Tampin old route. We know it will take us forever to reach home using either routes. Eventually, we decided (albeit reluctantly) to use the rarely used route, the Titi route. I called this the back road because this route is literally behind our house.
The Titi route is a long stretch of snaky road with lots of sharp bends and turns and drivers usually have to drive extremely carefully, especially at night. Visibility is at the mercy of your own car lights or other vehicles that use the route. It was always the dark and silent night scenario. I counted only seven cars that night, two in front of us and four behind us for the entire 36 km. What makes it even more sinister was that there were a couple of murdered bodies dumped at the ravines there, of which one involved a well-known local lead singer of the band, Spoon.

Here is the window of the mosque. I love the wooden nature of the window and the coloured glass panes.

For added interest. Since we had to take a detour and not really knowing where the road will take us, after much questions (with no answers), we finally reached a familiar area. Since the Child was seated at the passenger seat, all of a sudden she asked her dad to stop because she spotted a beautiful abandoned house. Sad to say, in ruins. Still, the beauty of the house remain in awe. Following are the remains of the house hidden by trees and vines.
We may make another visit of this place located at Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. Since Seri Menanti is where the Royalties of Negeri Sembilan lived, I believe this huge house could have belonged to one of the royals.

The Child excitedly taking photos of the ruins

Close-up view of the Ground floor and the upper Floor

Can't really make out how many floors there are to this house

A corner of the First Floor - could be the Veranda

Front view of the first floor - look at the beautiful wood Carvings

View from below. Trying to figure out the number of floors

What is left