Thursday, November 19, 2015

OBW 123 ~ Stone

When I look at the title I wasn't sure whether it was rock or stone here mean the same thing. Anyway, these were photos taken during our Korean trip where we visited the Jeju Floklore & Natural History Museum. Sharing photos of the various Volcanic Rocks/Stones for OBW.

These are the various Volcanic rocks that had been carved near the entrance of the

The Water Carrier
This stone carving of the Water Carrier is a symbol of
strength for the woman folks

Another Basaltic Rock on display

Volcanic Rock. Notice the various cavities?

This sculpture of the 'Grandfather' is another
symbol of prosperity and health. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

OBW 121 - Travel

It's been a while since I participate in the OBW challenge. Hello, I am back again.
These photos are for obw-121-travel:

and the theme for this challenge is Travel.

My family just love to travel. The journey can either be from State to State in Malaysia or out of the country. This particular photo was taken when we traveled to Bangkok in December 2014. We took the train instead of taking the flight. Off course, it was very nostalgic for me because it brought back memories of my first trip to Bangkok by train with my University friends back in 1981.
Walking towards the Train Station, at Butterworth

At the platform. This was the train we took. A second class with berth.

Passing through villages and some unknown territory (for me, at least