Sunday, December 30, 2012

War Memorial

After sending Siti to MAFEC, I told hubby I want to stop by the War Memorial to take some photos. I've been hearing so much about this place but never ever visit it until today. There were neat rows of tomb stones (is that you call it) and I thought I'll be reading names on each one of them I was wrong. Every stone was carved with numbers and as a visitor, that's all I can gather. My only deduction is that these numbers indicate:
a) The number of bodies being buried there; or
b) Their service call numbers
These Memorial is next to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka.
I must say, the condition of the Memorial is in a very sorry condition. The entire area was not very well looked after; with the exception of the cow-grass, most of the areas were strewn with rubbish, fallen branches and some of the tombs were almost down. Personally, if very well taken care off, this can be a tourist attraction because of it's historical origin. The bodies laid to rest here could be British, Dutch or Portuguese.
Neat rows of Tombstone

Known by numbers, not names

Statue without a head. The grave belong to a young woman named Adela Sta Maria

Close-up of the grave

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Horses, Siti and Muhammad

My daughter is attending the Horse Management Course with her school mates from Dec 28 to Dec 31, 2012. Today is her 2nd day and her father decided to send her straight to MAFEC instead. He asked me to come along and reluctantly I followed. I wanted to bring something to read, just in case, and not forgetting my camera, too. In my haste, I forgot the book. With my camera, I managed to get some nice shot of my  daughter, hubby and horse. I am beginning to develop a love of horses as much as my daughter. More photos can be viewed at my FB. I'll select my favourite photos for this post.
Muhammad with Johari
We still  haven't found out the name of this horse yet. According to the instructor, this horse is blind on one eye as a result of an accident. A former student didn't get the bridle put right and this horse was irritated by it. While trying to get the bridle fixed, the horse moved it's head far too quickly and the buckle hit it's eye. Still, he/she is extremely beautiful.

The 2nd horse teased Muhammad while Jeronimo looked on

Siti with Jeram

Siti and her partner for the day, Sophea

Siti cleaning Jeronimo's hoof while at the same time being at the ready to run in case Jeronimo kick up a fuss

This is where Siti and the other students are having their 4-day Horse Management Course

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Uniquely Yemen

These photos were taken at Hadramawt Restaurant, along Jalan Ampang. This branch is newly opened (Nov 2012) and adds to another Arabic cuisine nearby. This was our first visit to the restaurant. I am drawn to the decorations on the wall more than anything.

This 3D mural was very captivating. It shows the kind of houses one would expect to see in Yemen

I like this particular painting of one of the Arches and it was extremely difficult to get Zahra' to pose for me. I just have to be contented with this pose, though, and she did mention she imagined herself as being in Narnia world.

I told Zahra' this pendant would have looked much better around my neck than on the pillar.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Iron or Steel?

I was drawn to this 'awning' when I was on my way to the National Registeration Department. I had misplaced my Birth Certificate and I need to make a copy for the Inland Revenue Department.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dancing Angels

This photo was taken at Starhill after having lunch at the Souq over there.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Village Offerings

It's been a long time since I add photos here. The lame excuse is work commitments and family commitments. On top of that , my daughter had been actively going to camps and for every camping, she would pack my camera along. She also bought my camera to school and as I was lazy to go buy batteries for my other camera, I deicded to take a break from photography. Also, the weather has not been very good for outdoor photography, too. I don't remember having so many rainy days since late September before.
Anyway, over the weekend, I went back to my in-laws and I decided to play with my camera again. This is what I came up with. The simple village life offers a lot in terms of food where they can be plucked at short notice.

Rambutans - I just plucked the fruits and ate them under the tree.

Cili padi - one of the main ingredietns for cooking

Papaya flowers - can be boiled and eaten as vegetable. Just bear with its bitter taste, though

Kadok leaves

Winged beans - an alternative to meat as these beans has high protein content

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Early Birthday Treat

Zahra's birthday falls on 30th September but I decided to give her an early birthday lunch treat. I so much wanted to try the new GoKL Citybus which offerred a free ride to Tourists (Local and International). We parked our car at my office, then walked to Suria KLCC and then to the bus stop. The first ride was up to Bukit Bintang and then we proceed to change bus to our destination - Restoran Warisan or translated directly, Heritage Restaurant.
Following are a series of photos to mark the Zahra's special day.

GoKL City Bus - newly introduced shuttle service

The interior of the bus
Restoran Warisan - an old English Colonial building located at Dataran Merdeka (off Jalan Raja), Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur 50050, Malaysia. This used to be a Historical Museum and all the artifacts here are now housed at the National Museum (Frontal View)

The food served here are mainly Malay cuisine. Lunch buffet is priced at RM15.90 (approx. US $5) per person, irregardless of age and personally I feel this is the cheapest buffet affordable to all

Close-up view

Entrance to the Restaurant

Main dish for Muhammad

Colourful dessert for mummy

The birthday girl

Love this carving of the back of the wooden chair

Decorative Wooden Door

Another wood carving on the wall of the Cashier counter
The wooden door of the entrance

Side view from across the road

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am a Horse-track Mum

Today is Zahra's 2nd dressage Competition in the Prepotary 1 Category. Whenever this event took place, I'll be waiting by the paddock watching her and the other participants riding their respective horses (usually selected by their trainers). Zahra' was given Diabolo to ride. He looks strong and handsome but we were not sure of his temperament. Since Zahra' was pre-occupied with her other school activities, she had only half-an-hour of Dressage training on the Friday with Diabolo. The rest of the steps she simply memorised and tried to remember as much as she could from her previous entry.

Last minute tips from her instructor Nagine.

Last minute practice before entering the ring

Introducing herself to the judges before starting the Dressage Competition

A confident rider

With proud dad after the competition

Diabolo's beautiful tail

The final Results - Zahra' improved herself from her previous competition

With her school-mate, Madiha, and their respective dads

She won 2nd place for her category and the Ribbon was presented to her by one of the judges, Natasha Ibrahim

Proudly displaying her Ribbon

With Madiha and their School's Convenor, Pn Laili Ismail

With her current Trainer, Nagine from Iran

With Lorraine, the Equestrian Member of The Royal Selangor Polo Club

While participants are nervously displaying their skills to the judges, this family is exercising their horses on the track. This is the main morning activity at the Club where the horses are exercised

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Challenge at Lets Scrap

Well, this is actually a fun photo challenge at where we just take photos following the theme for the day everyday. There's no winners or prize and the fun part is we get to showcase our photographic skill besides creating layouts out of these photos. To be honest, I didn't do it daily except the first photo was taken on Friday, September 21 and the rest were taken today.

Photo 1 - Right here, right now

This photo was taken at Suria KLCC where I went for lunch. It showed an event at Suria KLCC called Purple Day. Shoppers are encouraged to buy from participating outlets and proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Children with Autism organization.
  Photo 2 - Near. For this shot I decided to shoot a close-up of this ribbon embroidery at Lovely Homes

I always admire this Ribbon embroidery of this bedspread at Lovely Homes, Ampang Point.
This photo is not part of the challenge but I just want to show my daughter with her best friend, Ridha Lee, whose mother is the owner of this shop. They go to the same school and are in the same class. How they started their friendship can be viewed at
Photo 3 - Flowers

These artificial flowers on this cart was taken outside the Garden Restaurant at Alamanda, Putrajaya. We went for a drive there for no purpose other than hubby wanting to see any new changes taking place after his construction work here was completed two years ago.
Photo 4 - Magazine
These magazines are part of my large collection of scrapbooking magazines and currently are being actively referred to.

Photo 5 - Reflection


This pool of water outside Ampang Point shows a good reflection of the car parked nearby.