Sunday, December 30, 2012

War Memorial

After sending Siti to MAFEC, I told hubby I want to stop by the War Memorial to take some photos. I've been hearing so much about this place but never ever visit it until today. There were neat rows of tomb stones (is that you call it) and I thought I'll be reading names on each one of them I was wrong. Every stone was carved with numbers and as a visitor, that's all I can gather. My only deduction is that these numbers indicate:
a) The number of bodies being buried there; or
b) Their service call numbers
These Memorial is next to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka.
I must say, the condition of the Memorial is in a very sorry condition. The entire area was not very well looked after; with the exception of the cow-grass, most of the areas were strewn with rubbish, fallen branches and some of the tombs were almost down. Personally, if very well taken care off, this can be a tourist attraction because of it's historical origin. The bodies laid to rest here could be British, Dutch or Portuguese.
Neat rows of Tombstone

Known by numbers, not names

Statue without a head. The grave belong to a young woman named Adela Sta Maria

Close-up of the grave

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