Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#FMSphotoaday - Today : Bukit Melawati Revisit

I decided to revisit Bukit Melawati after 2 years. After all I needed a break from housework and I just want to do some sightseeing and some photography. These photos were taken there. I also planned to post these photos for #FMSphotoaday challenge and the prompt is TODAY. What did I do today. Off course, after taking hundreds of shots, I have difficulty selecting the photos for this challenge. Think I'll post a few of my favourites:
Father and daughter taking a breather

New addition to Bukit Melawati. As a result, there now exist territorial rights between these brown and unfriendly monkeys with those more friendlier black ones

Seeing eye to eye. These black species are more friendly and approachable

She can't help but tease this little creature

The famous Lighthouse

Foam Fire Wheel Extinguisher

Her new 'pet'. At least she had all 20 minutes of this creature on her shoulder

Sitting on the Bedrock. Legend has it that this bedrock was used to behead traitors. This bedrock is situated at the far end of the Sultan of Selangor's palace garden.

She just had to do something different - doing a balancing act

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