Thursday, November 22, 2012

Village Offerings

It's been a long time since I add photos here. The lame excuse is work commitments and family commitments. On top of that , my daughter had been actively going to camps and for every camping, she would pack my camera along. She also bought my camera to school and as I was lazy to go buy batteries for my other camera, I deicded to take a break from photography. Also, the weather has not been very good for outdoor photography, too. I don't remember having so many rainy days since late September before.
Anyway, over the weekend, I went back to my in-laws and I decided to play with my camera again. This is what I came up with. The simple village life offers a lot in terms of food where they can be plucked at short notice.

Rambutans - I just plucked the fruits and ate them under the tree.

Cili padi - one of the main ingredietns for cooking

Papaya flowers - can be boiled and eaten as vegetable. Just bear with its bitter taste, though

Kadok leaves

Winged beans - an alternative to meat as these beans has high protein content

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  1. Yes, I am glad you brought your camera. I know you had fun with it! All those reasons are legitimate... I am having a very hard time just trying to keep up with work, so my blogging time is lagging way behind :^) You asked if I use filters, yes sometimes I do, but less with digital photography than when I shot film. I can increase color and tones during post processing these days.