Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Challenge at Lets Scrap

Well, this is actually a fun photo challenge at where we just take photos following the theme for the day everyday. There's no winners or prize and the fun part is we get to showcase our photographic skill besides creating layouts out of these photos. To be honest, I didn't do it daily except the first photo was taken on Friday, September 21 and the rest were taken today.

Photo 1 - Right here, right now

This photo was taken at Suria KLCC where I went for lunch. It showed an event at Suria KLCC called Purple Day. Shoppers are encouraged to buy from participating outlets and proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Children with Autism organization.
  Photo 2 - Near. For this shot I decided to shoot a close-up of this ribbon embroidery at Lovely Homes

I always admire this Ribbon embroidery of this bedspread at Lovely Homes, Ampang Point.
This photo is not part of the challenge but I just want to show my daughter with her best friend, Ridha Lee, whose mother is the owner of this shop. They go to the same school and are in the same class. How they started their friendship can be viewed at
Photo 3 - Flowers

These artificial flowers on this cart was taken outside the Garden Restaurant at Alamanda, Putrajaya. We went for a drive there for no purpose other than hubby wanting to see any new changes taking place after his construction work here was completed two years ago.
Photo 4 - Magazine
These magazines are part of my large collection of scrapbooking magazines and currently are being actively referred to.

Photo 5 - Reflection


This pool of water outside Ampang Point shows a good reflection of the car parked nearby.

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  1. Having themes to shoot photos of is a great way to exercise creativity and sharpen camera skills. The embroidery is fantastic too!