Sunday, September 2, 2012


Today is Father's Day in Australia, or so I gathered from Chantelle's write-up. Her second theme for the month of September at fatmumslim is FATHER (2. Father: It’s Father’s Day in Australia. Take a photo of your dad. A Dad. A father figure. Etc.).
I wonder if this was a coincidence but to day is also Muhammad's birthday. Welcome to the 5-series club dear.
Muhammad was so rapt in reading the newspaper - his favourite pastime

With daddy's girl - his pride and joy choosing the menu

With YB Iskandar Abdul Samad, an Architect for a Consultant Company. they met at Putrajaya
when both were working at the Construction site there. Now Iskandar is an EXCO for Chempaka

With Khalid Kashi (centre) the owner of Al-Kashi Restaurant serving Palestinian Arab food.
Far right is Khalid's friend. We had a birthday 'celebration' dinner here.

I had also written a tribute for my late father, Lt. Kdr (B)Zainal Abidin Hashim and can be viewed at I am still not completely done with the post yet as I had to collect myself so many times over. Will try to complete the post tomorrow with more photos of dad.

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