Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcoming The British Royal Couple at KLCC

This is truly the greatest event of my life - meeting the young British Royalty, Prince William and Princess Catherine at the Kuala lumpur Convention Center (KLCC). They both are such a handsome couple and this is such a great opportunity. I remembered my mother telling me how she met the Queen of England and her consort, Prince Phillip soon after her inaugration, in Singapore. It looks like history repeats itself. Both my mum and I have a great admiraton for these royalties.
A small group waiting to catch a glimpse of the Royal couple

British expats wives

As-Syakirin mosque that were visited by the couple earlier in the day

This cute little girl presented the bouquet to Kate

Another group of the royal fans

Waiting patiently to meet Kate and William

The good-looking Nepalese KLCC Security Officer

Catherine Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge

Mybach - the car that the royal couple was driven in

Prince William

Prince William engrossed in conversation

The Royal couple


  1. You just made me buckets of envious, brrr. Too bad you're not in the should've asked hubby to snap you beside the car at least!!! Great pics must be so thrill!

  2. Fun and fascinating... you are our eye on royalty Lili, our paparazzi, right place, right time :^)

  3. Nice Lili, what a thrill it must have been for everyone there!

  4. WOW!!. Lili, you are having a great time!!!. I can see Muhammad is thrilled too, where is Zahraq? Fabulous, you got really close to them, ohh so excited. Is this around lunch time?. So happy for ya, I could feel the excitement even as I'm writing this :). Hugs.