Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Ghost of Highland Towers Linger On

I have been passing these abandoned Towers for the past 6 and-a-half years now as part of my daily routine of sending and fetching my daughter to and from school. Sometimes I passed without looking at them and sometimes I will slow down the car to take a good look at them. These Towers will forever remain an eerie reminder of lives lost on December 11, 1993. Years passed since the collapse of Block 1. I always wonder what will become of these 2 blocks! Will these blocks be bulldozed in years to come or will they be covered by these secondary jungle and slowly forgotten by the next generation? Only time will tell. Today, I decided to capture these sad looking Towers before they become lost forever.

Close-up of one of the two blocks


  1. Yes I remember watching the documentary. Such a tragedy.

  2. Weee...creepy...erm, try capture some shots at night ;-)