Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rain and Wind

I was told by someone that we will be experiencing very hot and dry weather till end of the year. This information was obtained from the weather forecast, so to speak. That was four days before Aidil Fitri celebration. Just come to show that human can predict but Allah has the final say. We had been having rainy days before and after Aidil Fitri. It comes in heavy torrents followed by deafening thunder at times. At the home front, even the slightest thunder can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Yesterday we experienced 4 such trips - so we just let it be until the rain subside.
Yesterday we had such heavy rain in the evening followed by loud thunder, heavy winds and trips. I chose to stand at my balcony with my camera trying to capture the heavy rain. (Sigh!). In my excitement I forgot to use slow shutter speed. Need to try that out again another time.

This is proof that the wind was really strong at the time. cooling!

Just love the array of trees overlooking my balcony

This is my favourite view where I enjoy watching the joggers, the footballers
and the children running around. Occassionally I would walk 4 rounds
with my daughter. I am so glad my house face this open field which acts as
a football field, car park and/or open-house gatherings.

Aaah! The beauty of raindrops

My lovely cactus. About time I give them some tender loving care. they are
very much neglected


  1. Great pics...the raindrops looks greater with slow shutter speed though...ah, poor cacti...replant them...

  2. Yes, I love the cooling down of a heavy rain fall, especially in summer :^)