Friday, August 24, 2012

A Moment At KLCC Park

I was on my way to the bank to run errands while Muhammad went to As-Syakirin Mosque for Friday prayer. Both Zahra' and I decided to walk across the playground towards Suria KLCC since it has been awhile we use this route. Along the way, I decided to stop for some photo sessions.
Japanese Roses

Giant Ferns

She just had to be on the swing again

Pretty orange 'berries' - NOT EDIBLE

Malaysian Beauty

Large Metal Whale

The majestic Twin Towers or Petronas Twin Towers

The Suria KLCC Logo

Dancing Fountain - recent addition. Modified in 2012 and open to the
public again in July 2012

The original fountain

Tall buildings on the rise and still rising

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  1. Gorgeous snaps :) I love the Japanese Roses {easy to grow; plant some in your garden girl}!