Monday, January 18, 2016

OBW 130 ~ Blue

The theme for this week at is BLUE. I can think of Blue Skies (very, very cliched, right?), Blue Seas (another cliche!), Feeling Blue (wow? How to present that through pictures?) and a million others.

Here are a few pictures I took last Saturday (16 January 2016) during my daughter's Cross Country race. Happy to shout out that she won 3rd place for Upper Secondary, running for 7 km. I will not show her photo because she represents the Yellow house.

Very early morning Blue Skies

Warming up session before the start of the race

Sharing photos

Almost reaching the finishing line

Couldn't resist showing this picture because my daughter
happen to ride a Blue Bicycle


  1. Although blue can be used in bad feelings like feeling blue I know that most people consider it very positive!Thanks for joining Our Beautiful World. AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Such beautiful photos!! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!