Saturday, June 8, 2013

Practicing for Dressage Competition

Zahra' is undergoing another round of practice for her third dressage competition which will be on June 16, 2013. I notice the sequence is slightly different from her previous two. This time around I decided to change my angle of shots slightly.
Following are some of the shots I took of her on her favourite horse, Doedoe.

I forgot to change the setting of my camera, so this photo turn out to be B&W.
Here she is walking Doedoe to the Dressage arena.

This photo looks like she and Doedoe were in communication. There
seem to be some kind of understanding between the two of them.
She had been riding him for the past three years.

A close-up of Doedoe

Controlling Doedoe.

Maneouvering Doedoe to form an S.

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