Sunday, February 3, 2013

3. FMSphotoadayFeb - Something Beginning with E

I'd say today is my lucky day. My daughter asked me to take photos of her and she willingly posed for me - something which is beginning to be a rarity of late.
We were attending a Wedding of My cousin-in-law's son at Cahaya SPK Club. Naturally there was a swimming pool and a Children's playground. Even though the warning sign say "Only children 12 years and below", that doesn't stop my 14-year ol from having fun. For today's theme, I chose this picture of an EXCITED girl on the trampoline. Honestly, I have a hard time choosing the photo but this one sort of sum up her feelings. Ermm.....she is not attired for this activity, actually.
Location: Cahaya SPK Club, Shah Alam

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